A Dancing Christmas Party

A Festival Musical

  • 8 Songs
  • Suitable for primary aged children
  • Running time: approximately 50 minutes
  • Number of speaking parts: 26

(If required, the elves’ lines could be shared between fewer children.)


  1. Getting Ready For Christmas Eve
  2. Song Of The Toys
  3. Santa, Oh Santa!
  4. Rock ‘N ‘Rolling Polar Bears
  5. Cough, Cough, Sneeze
  6. It’s A Time
  7. The Wrapping Rap
  8. Dancing Christmas Party

An accompanying CD of the songs includes both vocal and backing tracks.

Example of A Dancing Christmas Script (PDF)
Example of A Dancing Christmas Party Score (PDF)


It’s Christmas Eve morning at the North Pole and Santa and his elves are putting their finishing touches to all of the Christmas presents. The reindeer have been fed their magic oats to make them fly and Santa finally thinks that all is ready. The only problem is a scatty elf called Elfis who never listens carefully to instructions. He is keen to help so Santa gives him a job to do – taking the reindeer back to their stable. Elfis is told to make sure that he shuts the door behind him to keep out the polar bears who always cause chaos if they get into the workshop. Santa then departs for his nap to prepare for his biggest night of the year. However, Elfis hasn’t closed the door and in come the polars, startling all of the elves who run outside. By the time the elves get back into the house, they all have bad colds.  They take to their beds, declaring that Elfis will have to wrap and pack all of the presents himself.  He knows that this is impossible and he is upset to realise that he has ruined Christmas. However, the polar bears return and when Elfis explains the meaning and magic of Christmas, they offer to help. Santa discovers what they have done and he is so grateful that he invites the polars for dinner and a dancing Christmas party!

Sample Tracks


Speaking roles:

  • Elfis
  • Santa
  • 5 Polar Bears
  • A Toy
  • 18 Elves

Singing and dancing performed by:

  • Elves
  • Toys
  • Reindeer
  • Polar Bears


A full list of the props required can be found in the production notes at the beginning of the book.


The musical is set in Santa’s workshop. A painted backdrop could feature a large fireplace and a window.


An extensive list of costume suggestions can be found in the production notes at the beginning of the book.