A Very Magical Christmas Story

Turn the page, journey back in time!

  • 8 Songs
  • Suitable for KS1 & KS2
  • Running time: 45 minutes
  • Number of speaking parts: 29
    (could be performed by fewer characters if required.)


  1. Let’s Sing The Christmas Story      
  2. Mary, Stop Sweeping        
  3. Put Your Best Foot Forward        
  4. Knock, Knock, Knock     
  5. Lullaby   
  6. Glory To God In The Highest   
  7. We Are Stargazers     
  8. Shout Aloud, ‘It’s Christmas!’     

An accompanying CD of the songs includes both vocal and backing tracks.

Example of script (PDF)
Example of piano score (PDF)


It’s Christmas Eve, the adults are talking among themselves and the children are bored…until Mum presents a Christmas box from the attic. In it there are snap cards, a jigsaw of a snowy festive scene and most extraordinary of all, a storybook with magical properties.

At the turn of a page, the children are transported back in time to discover the true meaning of Christmas finding themselves under a table in Mary’s kitchen in Nazareth. Then it’s on to Bethlehem at the turn of another page, to a hillside where shepherds reside, and to the house of the Wise Men, before all gather together at the scene of the Nativity. But that’s not the end, it’s only the start of the greatest story ever told.

Sample Tracks


  • Child 1 – the eldest, the most thoughtful and sensible
  • Child 2 – the middle child, more rebellious and easily exasperated by Child 3
  • Child 3 – the youngest, timid and uncertain
  • Dad
  • Mum
  • Mary
  • Angel Gabriel
  • 11 Travellers
  • Travellers (non-speaking)
  • Joseph
  • 2 Innkeepers (non-speaking)
  • Innkeeper 3
  • Shepherd 1
  • Shepherd 2
  • Shepherd 3
  • Shepherd 4
  • Angel
  • Angels (non-speaking)
  • Wise Man 1
  • Wise Man 2
  • Wise Man 3
  • Uncle David
  • Family Members (non-speaking)
  • 4 Scene Setters (They change the props on stage after each turn of the page. These roles could be taken by children or adults depending on the age of the performers. The Scene Setters can also join in with the singing.)

Props and Costumes

Props and costumes are listed by character and scene in the script.