Nearly No Nativity

A Christmas Musical

  • 7 Songs
  • Suitable for KS1 and lower KS2
  • Running time: 45 minutes
  • Number of speaking parts: 18, plus narrators. The narration could be split between 2 or more children.


  1. A Great, Great Story
  2. Angels Are Messengers
  3. Animals Like Stables
  4. Running And Leaping And Dancing For Joy
  5. Look At The Stars
  6. Travelling In Hope
  7. The Meaning Of Christmas

An accompanying CD of the songs includes both vocal and backing tracks.

Nearly No Nativity Script (PDF)
Nearly No Nativity Piano Score (PDF)


It’s getting near to the end of term and one group of friends in particular are ready not only for their summer holiday but also their move to High (Senior) School in the autumn. The staff, however, are determined to keep the children focused until the end of term!

They decide to set them a challenge, that of organising the school’s Summer Fair, to encourage teamwork and responsibility. Some arguments amongst the pupils ensue, resulting in the class splitting into two rival factions. The day of the fair finally arrives but the event is threatened with disaster. Can the children work together to save the day?

Sample Tracks


  • Mrs Higgins (a teacher)
  • Up to nine narrators (although could be delivered by 2 children)
  • Angel Gabriel
  • Angel
  • Mary
  • Joseph
  • Innkeeper
  • Donkey
  • Cow
  • Ox
  • Four Shepherds
  • The Star
  • Herod

Setting & Scenary

The action takes place on the school stage therefore, a backdrop isn’t absolutely necessary! However, if wished, a suitable backdrop would be either a stable, houses in Bethlehem, or the night sky with a star.


  • A programme for the production
  • Stool
  • Bowl and wooden spoon
  • Crib containing straw and a wrapped doll
  • A large important-looking book for the Wise Men
  • A small raised platform on which to place the crib.


  • Mrs/Mr Higgins – a smart ‘grown-up’ outfit
  • Nativity characters – usual dress for a nativity play – tunics, tee-towels and headbands, cloaks. Crowns for the Wise Men
  • Animals – headbands with ears or horns attached. A suitable colour of tee shirt – black, grey or brown