Silly Songs

Sixty minutes of funny favourites

  1. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
  2. There Was A Crooked Man
  3. Bananas In Pyjamas
  4. Widdecombe Fair
  5. Lollipop Song
  6. This Little Cow Eats Grass
  7. Topsy Turvy Land
  8. Mairsey Doats
  9. Old John Muddlecombe
  10. With My Hand On My Head
  11. Last Night As I Lay Sleeping
  12. Five Little Monkeys
  13. My Old Banjo
  14. Peter Piper
  15. Oh What A Silly Song
  16. The Orangutan Sings
  17. Donkey Riding
  18. Whose Pigs Are These?
  19. Mama Don’t Allow No Piano Playin’ Around Here
  20. Knees Up Mother Brown
  21. Put Your Finger On Your Nose
  22. The Bear Went Over The Mountain
  23. Cock A Doddle Doo
  24. Michael Finnegan
  25. I Saw A Ship A Sailing
  26. Do Your Ears Hang Low?
  27. Barnyard
  28. Hey Jim Along

Sample Tracks