Links & Resources

Many of Alison’s products can be ordered from the publishers, Kevin Mayhew Ltd or Kids Music

Useful links for music teachers:

BBC Ten Pieces: Ten Pieces Primary is for 7 to 11-year-olds and aims to open up the world of classical music to children and inspire them to develop their own creative responses.

Psappha Kids: Music Explained

A fantastic, free resource provided by the contemporary music ensemble, Psappha which supports classroom music teaching at KS2. The resource includes a scheme of work, lesson plans and videos.

BBC Bitesize KS2: A fantastic resource – child friendly videos relating to a wide variety of aspects of music.

Musical Mysteries: An interactive site aimed at KS1 & 2 with activities relating to elements of music and the orchestra.

The Sleepover Planet: A complete toolkit which takes teachers and pupils step by step through the process of staging a school musical.

Classics for Kids: A site hosted by Cincinnati Public Radio about music and composers. Look at ‘On the radio’ and then ‘View shows by keywords’. This gives a list of all past radio shows. They are short, snappily presented and with lots of musical examples! A site worth spending time exploring, there’s loads of exciting and useful material for KS2 music lessons.

An excellent website hosted by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra with sound recordings of all the instruments found in an symphony orchestra. Also, information about famous composers and sound clips of some of their compositions.

A colourful website hosted by the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra with well presented information about the orchestra and a fun ‘Music Lab’. Sadly, the sounds are synthesized.

A fun, animated website hosted by the New York Philharmonic Orchestra including games, composers’ gallery and games room.