Moving On

A musical tale of friendship and teamwork

The musical has 9 songs written in a variety of attractive styles. The book of the musical contains:

 the script
 piano/vocal parts for the songs
 song words (suitable for photocopying)
 ideas for scenery, costumes and props
plus a CD with rehearsal and performance tracks for the songs and all incidental music.

A complete package for your end of year production!

  • 9 Songs
  • Suitable for KS2
  • Running time: 1 hour
  • Number of speaking parts: 23

(Speaking parts could be covered by fewer children as some could take more than one role.)


It’s getting near to the end of term and one group of friends in particular are ready not only for their summer holiday but also their move to High (Senior) School in the autumn. The staff, however, are determined to keep the children focused until the end of term!

They decide to set them a challenge, that of organising the school’s Summer Fair, to encourage teamwork and responsibility. Some arguments amongst the pupils ensue, resulting in the class splitting into two rival factions. The day of the fair finally arrives but the event is threatened with disaster. Can the children work together to save the day?

Sample Tracks


The parts with an asterix* can be played by a boy or a girl with a name change.

A group of school friends

  • Jo
  • Janey
  • Daisy*
  • Dev*
  • Todd*
  • Spike (Sidney)
  • Jam (James)
  • Tasha (Natasha)

The Staff

  • Miss Smith (the Headmistress)*
  • Mr. Banks*
  • Mrs. Chan*
  • Mr. Gee (a rather ‘old school’ style teacher)*
  • Mrs Taylor*

Members of the class 

  • Charlie*
  • Solly*
  • Evie*
  • Suzie*
  • Pete*
  • Kat (Katherine)
  • Jo’s Parents –
  • Mum
  • Dad

Dane Bridges (the DJ)*

Non-speaking parts:
Other members of the class who are involved in the action and sing the songs.
Visitors to the fair. (Could be doubled by members of the class.)