The Best Gift

A primary age musical

  • 8 Songs
  • Suitable for KS1 and Lower KS2
  • Running time: 45 minutes
  • Number of speaking parts: 16
    (although some speaking parts could be split amongst more children if required.  See note below.)


  1. Ring Out The Christmas Bells
  2. Exercise For Everyone!
  3. A Box Full Of Colours
  4. There Are Monsters About
  5. Let Me Tell You A Story
  6. We’re Electronic Games
  7. The Best Gift
  8. Ring Out The Christmas Bells (Reprise)

An accompanying CD of the songs includes both vocal and backing tracks.

Example of The Best Gift Script (PDF)
Example of The Best Gift Piano Score (PDF)


The toys in the toyshop are excited about Christmas. Children visit the shop and each child has their own favourite toy. When the shop has shut for the evening the toys discuss which of them would be the best gift that a child could receive. Their argument is resolved when they hear the story about the gift of love given to the world on the very first Christmas Day.

Featuring electronic games, monsters, colourful paint boxes, sports toys and books, The Best Gift has something to appeal to every child. Lively songs are combined with an imaginative script to give a musical that will be entertaining for both performers and audience alike!

Sample Tracks


  • Mr Wilson the Shopkeeper
  • Mum
  • 3 Children
  • 2 Electronic Games
  • 2 Sports Toys
  • 2 Monsters
  • 2 Paint Boxes
  • 2 Books
  • Postman

Lines for the toys may be divided according to the number of children requiring a speaking part


The action takes place inside a toy shop. An optional painted backdrop could show shelves of toys and the inside of the shop window.


  • Tables, displaying a selection of toys for sale in the shop.
  • A table for the shop counter with a till or money box placed on top of it.
  • An OPEN/CLOSED sign
  • A selection of catalogues
  • A few letters, a brown A4 envelope containing a catalogue and a Christmas card, all addressed to the shopkeeper.


The script contains ideas for each character and groups of characters e.g. electronic games: dark trousers, dark T-shirt, either a tabard or sash made from sparkly material (or attach silver tinsel to clothes).